Which ‘Reality Drama’ you want to watch, Big Boss or Desi Uttar Pradesh?

First, Neta Ji Mulayam Singh Yadav coaxed Akhilesh Yadav to touch Chacha Shivpal Yadav’s feet and give him a warm hug during yesterday’s meeting; then Shivpal offered a nostalgic account of his bicycle-wielding days of struggle with Neta Ji during mid-70’s in a moist voice.

Akhilesh broke into tears a couple of times while delivering his melodramatic speech; further Shivpal snatched the microphone off Akhilesh’s hands and both had a physical spat on the stage; and finally Ashu Malik, an old and beloved disciple of Neta Ji himself was beaten black and blue with his clothes torn apart right on the stage amid a sky-high hullabaloo, commotion and chaos!

And you want us to switch the channel and watch Bigg Boss Season 10 instead, eh? Dear programming heads & marketing honchos of COLORS TV and Viacom18 busy raking in the moolah as emoluments of tunes to a few crores an year, kindly get ready to get fired and pack your bags now!

You Kellogg’s and IIMs produced South Mumbai dumbheads can’t offer an iota of ‘Reality Drama’ what our very own Desi Uttar Pradesh is capable of pulling off!!

– Arvind Kumar



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