Viral boycott of Chinese items hits Diwali sales, demand dips 45%

NEW DELHI. According to CAIT, demand for goods made in China has declined 45 per cent this Diwali, with retailers refraining from keeping more stocks after the boycott call on social media platforms went viral.

On social media platform, there are many posts like this-

I went to a very unique, cheap and useful gift shop yesterday. I had bought few articles in the past from there as well.

I saw a wonderful battery fan and was about to buy but I saw something written on its back and I asked the vendor – is it China made??

He tried to cover up – “yeah it is but it will last long”. I replied – its not about the quality, but I can not buy any China product hence forth. Can you show me a non-Chinese item? He said – all the items are made in China.

The moment he said this, the girl next to me said – really ?? And put down the Coffee mug she was about to buy and left the shop. So did I. The Employee had a expression of guilt and disappointment and so had the Vendor.

God bless you all dear lovely people… Jai Shri Ram !!!

– Rutwij Vaidya

Boycott Chinese goods on Diwali festival campaign on social media has greatly impacted sale of Chinese goods this Diwali festive season.

CAIT said that although the boycott campaign will largely affect Indian traders and importers since Chinese goods have already been imported by them 2-3 months earlier, if social media campaign continues, China has to suffer huge trade losses in the forthcoming Christmas and New Year shopping festivals.

It said the need of the hour is to develop viable competitive products to discourage sale of Chinese goods in India.

After a widespread campaign on social media, several activists also decided to boycott Chinese products.

The decision was taken to express their wrath against China for be-friending Pakistan after the Uri attack in which 17 soldiers of Indian Army were brutally killed by terrorists from Pakistan.

Even pictures of burning hands with chinese Mehandi cones are going viral.




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