Feud in the Yadav family is a ‘fixed match’ : says BJP

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BJP Secretary Shrikant Sharma on Wednesday said that the high voltage drama in the Samajwadi Party first family is designed to divert attention from the failures of the Akhilesh Yadav government.

Akhilesh Yadav has failed on all fronts. The party’s national secretary Shrikant Sharma said that the feud in the Yadav family is a “fixed match”.

First, Neta Ji Mulayam Singh Yadav coaxed Akhilesh Yadav to touch Chacha Shivpal Yadav’s feet and give him a warm hug during a meeting two days back; then Shivpal offered a nostalgic account of his bicycle-wielding days of struggle with Neta Ji during mid-70’s in a moist voice.

Akhilesh broke into tears a couple of times while delivering his melodramatic speech; further Shivpal snatched the microphone off Akhilesh’s hands and both had a physical spat on the stage; and finally Ashu Malik, an old and beloved disciple of Neta Ji himself was beaten black and blue with his clothes torn apart right on the stage amid a sky-high hullabaloo, commotion and chaos!

“The high voltage drama we are all seeing is a scripted event to ensure that the media and public do not pay attention to his failures,” said BJP Secretary Shrikant Sharma.

Referring to Akhilesh addressing BSP chief Mayawati as ‘bua’, Sharma said both SP and BSP have ignored each other’s corruption, with the “nephew covering up for the aunt and vice versa”.

The BJP leader used a high court order rapping the Uttar Pradesh government for its failures in the health sector to hit out at the SP, BSP and Congress. “The state’s health has deteriorated but the wealth of the Yadav first family, the Congress first family and that of Mayawati and her relatives has steadily increased,” Sharma said.

He said there are only 2,905 primary health centres in the state and there is a shortage of 1,288 such centres. He added that against the requirement of 3,092 specialist doctors, only 484 were available and that 14,291 of 20,521 sub-centres did not have health workers.

He said that while the average load on a hospital is 61,000 people across the country, it is 2.5 lakh in Uttar Pradesh. If the Chief Minister had any morality left, he would have resigned, Sharma said, adding that only BJP is capable of providing education, health and other facilities to the people of the state. “People have rejected the Akhilesh Yadav government in their minds. They will do so formally in the elections,” he said.

Shrikant Sharma also told a press conference that BJP, if elected to power, will probe “scams” that occurred under the SP and previous BSP governments and punish the guilty as he claimed that they were not held to account so far as both the regional parties ignored corruption cases involving each other’s governments.



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