Unhuman and criminal games of big private hospitals

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For the last two years, major cities of Madhya Pradesh, Indore and Bhopal is facing problem of DENGUE and SWINE Flu. This year in India more dangerous virus infection of BIRD FLU is showing it death calling alarms.

In all such dangerous diseases it is very important for the government to ensure well in advance that all government and private hospitals are well equipped and are readily prepared for any eventualities.

But unfortunately there is no check on the accountability of our private hospitals. They are not the human service centers but are becoming MINTING CENTERS for MELTING AND MAKING golden coins.

The enclosed letter is one of the proof of such criminal willful negligence on the part of hospital and government authorities.


This proves that the top most hospitals (as claimed) are in horrible conditions. They are not having even the artificial respiratory equipment in their hospital for the SWINE FLU patients.

They have to arrange it on RENT from outside the hospital. They are paying Rs 1000/- per day as rent to the supplier and charging nearly Rs 5000/- per day from the patients.

They are so much commercialised that they are even not giving full rent to the supplier, and in one case the supplier was compelled to sit on HUNGER STRIKE.

The information of this person sitting on hunger strike was known to media, administration and all. But everybody is so much influenced by the HOSPITAL MAFIA that in news no body could not know about it.

Here, the criminal part of this episode of SWINE FLU is that it is highly infectious and the Artificial Breathing machine used by the Swine Flu patient can not be used by any other patient unless and otherwise its major parts are not thrown out.

Otherwise the other patient who is using it may also die from SWINE FLU. This is one of the reason why these so called BIG HOSPITALS are not using breathing machines of their hospitals for the swine flu patients.

They get it from outside on rental basis. But the same rental artificial breathing machine may be getting supplied for so many other local hospitals and might be killing unknown number of poor patients.

No data is available… nor the poor relatives of such patients can ever know how their near and dear one has passed away.

Is there any law or any authority in our country who can check these un-human and criminal games of BIG PRIVATE HOSPITALS to save lives of common man.



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