TINY but MIGHTY : 9 benefits of taking Flax seeds


The therapeutic and health benefits of flax seeds are popular around the world. The health benefits of flax seeds (Alsi in Hindi) come from the high amounts of fiber, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids present in it.

A tablespoon of ground flax seeds contains 2 grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids and 2 grams of fiber with just 37 calories.

Flax is a tiny power packed seed that is full of goodness. This seed has been used since ancient times, through ancient civilizations and cultures.

Flax Seeds Benefits:

1. Flax is known for its cholesterol reducing properties. Flax seeds warm the human body. The peculiarity of the seed is such that it needs to be eaten as a ground meal. If eaten as a whole, flax seed cannot be digested by the body. Flax seeds, if grounded and taken daily with water, provide the necessary amounts of fibre to keep your digestive system working well.

Just keep your fluid intake high. How much you eat, depends on your reasons for eating flax seeds. On their own, the seeds are crunchy and tasty if they are roasted.

2. The high amount of fibre in ground flax seed is responsible for the cholesterol lowering effects of flax. High fibre diets help you feel full, so you tend to eat a little less, your blood sugar is stabilized and your intestines function well.

3. Antioxidants and phyto chemicals spells an advertisement for an anti aging cream. If all the benefits come from flax seeds at a fraction of the cost…bring it on!

4. Flax seeds contain ligans, which work in our intestines and convert to become substances that balance out female hormones. These are proven to promote fertility, reduce the risk of breast cancer and reduce peri menopausal symptoms.

5. One of the best known benefits of Flax seeds is that it helps in weight loss. Flax seed is a great functional food.

It is low in carb and has  high amount of essential amino acids. Flax seeds supports in weight loss by keeping you full for longer. It stabilizes the blood sugar levels and helps in avoiding the insulin spikes in the blood.

You can mix flax seeds in your smoothies , or add freshly ground flax seeds powder in your rotis , breads and other vegetable preparations.

6. Many skin care products like moisturizers, sunscreens and even shower gels contain flax seed oil.  This is because flax seeds and its oil contain several nutrients that help in improving skin health.

7. Not many natural remedies can treat male baldness effectively. But, flax seeds provide effective solution to hair loss issues in men.

8. Regular intake of flax seeds reduces dandruff, eczema and other scalp conditions. Flaxseeds stimulate the production of sebum in the scalp, which prevents flaking and dandruff.

9. Consumption of flax seeds increases your intake of omega-3 fatty acids which further increases hair elasticity. This makes your hair less prone to breakage. So if you are looking to get stronger hair, make sure to add flax seeds in your diet.

Enjoy all these benefits of flax seeds without the help of a doctor or expensive medicines and from a tiny seed. Try to locate flax seeds in the aisles of your local supermarket, or just call your roadside grocer. Gift this wonderful seed to your body today and everyday!



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