Horoscope : Thursday 3 November 2016

As far as scientific validity of astrology is concerned, Bejan Daruwala maintains, “I don’t care if it’s a science or not. Fact is, it works.” He asserts that astrology combines three things. The position of the planets is by astronomy. Then, the synthesis between planets, dishas, signs etc. is an art. And the final prediction is by ESP, intuition or the grace of Ganesha.


On the 3rd of November Arians will have to communicate with an uncooperative client. You will tell him everything about the services (or products) that your company offers, but he will not be satisfied. You will start to lose your temper, and it will be hard for you to restrain yourself, but you will count to ten, breath deeply, and finally calm down.


Taureans will have an insane amount of work to do today. You will finish your own project, help a younger colleague to deal with his personal task, and in the evening your boss will call you to his office to ask you a personal favor.


On this day Geminis will get yet another piece of evidence of their partner’s love. Your significant other will secretly organize some kind of big surprise for you. When you get home from work you will be pleasantly surprised by what you see (more accurately, you will be shocked).


On the 3rd of November 2016 Cancers will have doubts about their marriage partner’s sincerity. You will discover heartwarming messages which your partner has sent to somebody else. Before making a fuss about it, you will decide to investigate it properly by calling the person.


On this day Leos will be characterized by increased ambition. You will decide that there is no point asking colleagues for help while you work on a certain very promising project. By skipping your usual breaks you will finish the project quickly. Though your boss will be very pleased with it, he won’t give you anything other than thanks.


On this day Virgos will be in conflict with one of the new coworkers. You will find it distasteful that this person was put in a managerial position just because he is the protege of someone high up. When you refuse to submit to him, he will threaten to fire you.


Libras will have an uncommonly successful day today. At work it will be announced to you that your name is on the list of people who are going to get a significant raise. When you get home there will be a childhood friend waiting there to see you.


On this day Scorpios will naturally underestimate themselves and their opportunities. You will decline the opportunity to take on the project your manager offers you, claiming to have insufficient expertise in this area. In the evening you will feel afraid when an attractive person of the opposite sex gives you special attention.


On this day Sagittarians will make a long-awaited purchase. You will borrow some of the money for this purchase from one of your close friends, promising to pay him back soon. However, this evening there will be an incident which threatens your ability to pay – it may be that a certain expensive device in your home stops working.


On the 3rd of November Capricorns will test their strength in the area of small businesses. You will invest all of your savings in a certain risky project, and soon you will understand that you were completely right. You will receive the first profits today already.


On this day it will be hard for Aquarians to understand the attitudes of those around them. This aspect will stop you from dealing with a certain professional matter successfully. In the evening you won’t be able to overcome the emotional barrier when communicating with the members of your household.


On this day Pisces can completely count on the support of their best friend. Your best friend will help you to deal with a certain financial matter. Furthermore, with your friend’s help you will address an incident which put your marriage under threat.



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