OROP : Were politicians sleeping for 43 years?


The politics that is being played over the alleged ‘suicide’ of a veteran Ram Kishan Grewal is sickening.

Facts of the matter are, Grewal used to get 13,000 Rupees as pension in 2004 (UPA) regime. Under the Modi regime, after the implementation of OROP his salary was increased to 28,000 Rs.
But he was credited only 23,000 rupees because of reasons best known to the government.

The delay cannot be condoned, but it is ghoulish to capitalise on someone’s death and spread lies and calumnies about OROP.

Secondly, irony just migrated to Mars with the Escape Velocity of Jupiter at Rahul Gandhi advising the govt on ‘speedy implementation of OROP’.

Let us look back upon history, shall we?

OROP was already in existence till 1973. It was REVOKED by Indira Gandhi in 1973, two years after the historic victory of 1971.

It was Indira Gandhi’s decision to decrease armed forces pensions by 20 – 40 percent, and increase civilian pensions by 20 percent, without any consultation with the top brass in the armed forces.

Since 1971, Congress Party has been in power at the centre for 31 long years. They could have implemented OROP back in 31 years, but they did NOTHING about it.

A.K.Anthony, who was the defence minister in Manmohan Singh’s cabinet, spent most of his time either fainting on the job or helping his wife sell her atrocious paintings at ridiculous prices to government owned Air India.

And now THIS very same A K Anthony has the gumption to say that ‘Rahul Gandhi advised the PM to implement OROP many times’!

Fact is, it is the Modi government that has accepted OROP demands after almost four decades.

Sure, there are disagreements as all the demands of veterans have not been met in toto, but to say that OROP has not been implemented at all is a giant lie – especially if it comes from the grandson of the woman who had actually taken it away in the first place.

Oh, the stinking hypocrisy of it all!!

A veteran is dead, and politicians like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi are feasting on his death like bloated vultures, just for some cheap political gains.

– Shefali Vaidya



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