Some vultures have tasted blood of graveyard politics : General Singh

The suicide of Ram Kishan Grewal is painful and unfortunate. Being from the army, it has shocked me that a brother had to take such a drastic step. My heart goes out to the family of Ram Kishan Grewal in this moment of grief.

It is important to understand that mental condition plays the most critical role in a person’s suicide. The most common factor which leads to suicides is untreated depression.

Don’t take my word for it. This is in the professional opinion of leading psychologists around the world. And it happens to the best of us.

Having said that, our society considers depression as taboo. Those suffering from it, and people around them are reluctant to talk about it. I can say this without a shred of doubt that had someone come forward to help Ram Kishan Grewal at the right time, he would still be with us.

Our soldiers rightfully deserve OROP, and we have all been part of the struggle to claim it from previous governments.

But can it be true that our soldiers have been driven to commit suicide out of disillusionment with the same government which has taken initiatives to make OROP a reality?

Or was Ram Kishan Grewal pushed to the edge by some other elements that sensed political opportunity in his death? Who was with him at the time when he was contemplating suicide? And who brought the poison to him? A fair investigation is the need.
The answers to above questions lie not in the world of psychology, but in politics.

The politicians will never want to unearth the real reasons behind the suicide of Ram Kishan Grewal. They can’t afford the people to know the truth for their own sake.


Because, some vultures in this nation have tasted the blood of graveyard politics. Their achievements on the ground are miniscule, but they are sure to be present at unfortunate times, ready to blame it on the government.

Whenever someone proposed investigation for truth, they have creatively tainted and tarnished the truth seekers. This has been their standard modus operandi.

I will never forget what I am, and where I come from. But it is my moral obligation to expose those who are nourishing their political careers with the blood of a soldier.

Are you with me?

– General V.K. Singh Facebook Post



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