Why have we suddenly started calling these cowards our heroes?

From my childhood till the suicide of Rohith Vemula this society has always told me and taught me that suicide is cowardice and no matter what but we should chose the tougher path of fighting against the miseries of life.

And may be that’s the reason that we don’t give examples of Rajput queens and princes who committed jauhar when we talk about bravery of women. But we chose women like Rani Laxmi Bai and Durgavati of Gondwana who fought the enemy with swords instead of giving up their life in vain.

I have read about many heroes in our text book and in other books as well but none of the hero has ever committed suicide, all of them had fought the enemy till their last breath. When Adolf Hitler committed suicide no one called him brave for that but his suicide was treated as proof of his cowardice nature.

Then what has happened in this one year in Bharat that we have come down to the level of praising cowards who chose to end their life instead of fighting for justice?

Why have we suddenly started calling these cowards our heroes? With suicide of Rohith Vemula, leftist started this heinous trend of making hero out of a coward.

Same leftist who took control of our entire education system and feed generation after generation a distorted history in the name of secularism, the same left which skin a sense of inferiority in us, the same left which taught its leaders to comfortably sit in their A/C offices but deprive the masses of their due rights and with this tendency it has ruined a good enough part of Bharat that includes West Bengal, Kerala, and Naxal effected areas, same left which has reduced the educated lots into cramming machines who are not capable of having independent thinking and research.

The fact is that left wants us to remain slaves of their ideology so that leftist can rule us and for this they can go down to any depth.

And as I have written before that there should be a proper policy for compensating a family of deceased person. The people who lay their life on borders protecting us get a meagre amount of 2 to 15 lakh but a coward who ended up his life, for I don’t know what, has got compensation of 1 crores.

What message are we giving to people and young generation specially? That if you will join forces and will die serving this nation your family might not get financial security but if you commit suicide, we will make a political agenda out of it and give full financial security to your family.

What is the guarantee that a poor who cares more about his/her family and less about his/her life and nation will not commit suicide after writing a controversial suicide note to ensure a financial security to his/her family?



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Naha Tyagi
Proud right winger but don’t believe in extremism of any ideology. Hates pseudo feminists, liberals and seculars (in short communists). Believe in taking side and don’t understand the drama of neutrality. Did MBA in finance and marketing.

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