Daily Prediction : Nov 7 2016

“The strongest affection and utmost zeal should, I think, promote the studies concerned with the most beautiful objects. This is the discipline that deals with the universe’s divine revolutions, the stars’ motions, sizes, distances, risings and settings . . . for what is more beautiful than heaven?” – Nicolaus Copernicus, Astronomer

On this day Arians can expect massive success in their intellectual activities. At work you will get a decent result, and your boss will be very pleased with you. After hours your developed intellect will help you to get the upper hand in a certain argument. You will defeat your opponent, and straight away your life will become a little bit more peaceful.

On the 7th of November Taureans will have a lively conversation with their colleagues. This won’t necessarily concern what’s happening at your workplace. Your boss will notice the commotion and ask you to quieten down. You’ll still continue your discussion, but significantly more carefully.

On this day Geminis will try to make use of a certain authoritative person’s help. You will go to them with a request, and, in order to hear a long-awaited “yes” in response, you will get a decent gift for your benefactor. They will happily take your gift and promise to deal with your issue, but the matter won’t move beyond this.

On the 7th of November Cancers should plan their movements as attentively as possible. Today the risk of getting injured or bruised as the result of falling will grow significantly for you. Chance meetings will also be yet another danger to you today. If you want to protect your property, don’t divulge anything in conversations with unfamiliar people.

On this day Leos will get very good news. This news will come from someone who you offered your professional services to long ago. Your employer will make a very favorable offer of potential partnership, and you will immediately agree to start work with him. You will, however, insist on staying on at your current job.

Virgos will have a very quiet Monday. At work you will lack urgent deadlines and similar problems, and so your time at work will pass imperceptibly. This evening you will decide to brighten up your leisure time by going to a show or concert. You will greatly enjoy this entertainment, and you’ll also meet someone who you’d like to get to know better. Their marital status will be the only downside.

Libras will bring their exhausting task at work to its logical end. You’ll show it to your manager and be rewarded with praise and permission to leave work early. When you get home you’ll want to do something nice for your significant other, and so you’ll organize a romantic dinner for the two of you.

On the 7th of November 2016 Scorpios are advised to think less and act more. If you already have a plan for career success, start implementing it immediately. Today you will have a number of prominent planets on your side, as well as the people around you. Don’t be afraid to ask one of your eminent colleagues for help.

On this day Sagittarians will be very highly strung and aggressive. You’ll get into a fight with one of your colleagues, after which you’ll be on the receiving end of a stern reprimand from your manager. You’ll spend all your work time holding yourself back from an emotional outburst.

For Capricorns today’s atmosphere will be conducive to confidential communication. With one of your close friends you will discuss a matter which has given you no peace for a long time. After listening to your story, your friend will give you advice which you’ll want to put into practice straight away. Your problem will be dealt with completely.

Today Aquarians are advised not to forget their sense of tact when talking to others. This advice will be particularly relevant when you come into contact with potential clients. Remember that your client is always right, and forget your pride for a moment.

On this day Pisces will experience a sense of complete moral satisfaction as a result of a job well done. Even your harsh boss will be highly appreciative of your efforts. In the evening you will decide to reward yourself for your diligence by going to a bar or cafe, where you will meet many old acquaintances.



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