Trump takes the lead with 168 to Hillary’s 131 electoral college votes

Washington. The results are coming in for the closely fought U.S. presidential elections 2016. Republican candidate Donald Trump has taken a lead in one of the most bitterly contested US Presidential elections.

Trump is leading the 69-year-old Democratic nominee by 168 electoral college votes to 131. To win the Presidential election, a candidate needs 270 of the 538 electoral college votes.

Preliminary exit polls show the racial divides that were expected to define the 2016 presidential election.

Polls conducted for national media by Edison Research show Republican Donald Trump winning a majority of white voters while Democrat Hillary Clinton is drawing support from about three out of four nonwhite voters.

Trump’s support is strongest among whites without a college degree. He’s winning nearly two—thirds of them. Whites with college degrees are split between Trump and Clinton.

Trump is winning both among white men and white women, though his margin is much higher among men.

Clinton’s strongest support comes from African-Americans. She’s winning about nine out of 10 black voters. She’s winning about two out of three Hispanics and Asian-Americans.

However, the vote margins separating Democratic nominee Clinton and Trump remained tight in a string of states that will determine the eventual outcome of the contest that has badly divided Americans.

Trump wins key battleground state Ohio.Trump, 70, is ahead in the key battleground state of Florida while Clinton is projected to win in delegate-rich New York, the home state of both the candidates.

In Florida, Trump had taken a lead of about 77,000 votes which has 29 electoral college votes.Trump is also ahead in Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, New Hampshire.

He was also leading in Ohio and Virginia when reports last came in, but results were still too close to call. Virginia, with 13 electoral college votes, has a significant Indian-American population and is home to Democratic vice-presidential nominee, Senator Tim Kaine.

In terms of overall vote percentage, Trump has so far received 49.2 per cent of the votes counted so far as against 46.8 per cent gained by Clinton.

The former Secretary of State was projected to win in New York, Texas, Michigan, Vermont, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware and the District of Columbia.

Trump was set to win in Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, South Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Mississippi.

Georgia, New Hampshire, Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Wisconsin and North Carolina were too close to call.



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