She married a Hindu boy, so her family and community want to snatch her back

tapan-ghosh-barasat-wbphoto credit : Tapan Ghosh

Our workers get no rest. Last 2 days a dozen of our workers had to spend whole days at Barasat district court to protect ‘Shraddha’ (19 yr.) and to safely take her out from court to my place.

Shraddha (new name) is addition to our Hindu samaj. She married a Hindu boy. But her family and community put all effort to snatch her back.

Ultimately she surrendered to court. Competent magistrate took her personal statement under sec.164 of our criminal code. Then only she was released on her personal bond.

But the situation at/outside the Barasat court was horrible. A big number of Muslims left no stone unturned to snatch her back.

They threatened the girl, abused our workers with most filthy language. Hence our advocate had to pray for protection of the girl when taking her to safe place.

Really we got all cooperation from the Hon’ble Magistrate and Barasat police.

Advocates of Barasat court did their best to help us. Although Shraddha was ill, but she is happy.

Facebook post of Mr Tapan Ghosh, leader, Hindu Samhati, West Bengal



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  1. গোরাচাঁদ রায় | November 13, 2016 at 12:10 am | Reply

    Welcome girl to your ancestral religion.

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