#GenarallySaying : All made possible by you, Salute to you all!

general-v-k-singh-saluting-people-of-india-on-successful-demonitizationGeneral V K Singh Facebook Post saluting Indian People

Critics had predicted that our push to eradicate black money from within India will be a “setback” for the common people. Can’t make an omelet without breaking the egg, can you?

I am feeling so proud of citizens who have soldiered on to make this initiative a grand success. I have seen people queuing up in front of banks and ATM’s, and bankers who are patiently attending to them – All of them shouldering the weight of a national responsibility with a smile and a sense of purpose.

When we have a public so resilient and determined, nothing remains impossible. Now hoarders of black money, and funders of terrorism across the border are sitting on pile of unaccounted cash, which they can’t redeem even at the kirana store.

All made possible by you.

Salute to you all!

#IndiaUnitedAgainstCorruption #SetbackToTerrorism #RespectForCitizens


– General V.K. Singh Facebook Post



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