100 Days of Zeading

On 18th November, Zeading has finally completed 100 days in production. It’s an emotional statement that seeing something that you’ve put so many hours into making is now standing where it is.

[Zeading : A state of the art blogging platform]

I want to just take this moment to thank everyone who has been there with us through all the ups and downs. Especially to Abhijeet, Sarthak, and Simarjit who have worked so relentlessly in making Zeading what it is.

This picture above is taken on our 10th day of launch when we first hit 200 users in one day. Sarthak, Abhijeet and I thought it would be a great idea to take a picture spelling 200 with our hands. Now it looks like 002. Regardless.

Right now our team has grown to six people, with Shubhanshu and Akhilesh joining in the past month. We have gained a lot of insights from our test run and it’s very interesting to see the great demand for having your own publisher.

How has this experience been:

It has been enlightening. Now bear in mind that everyone in Zeading’s team is also doing a full-time job and are working professionals. We spend all our available hours religiously to the point of missing food and sleep at times.

A lot of sweat and blood has already gone into the first 100 days. Running a startup is not easy, despite whatever you read on the internet.

Passion alone is not enough. Love does not pay bills. You need to have a lot of discipline and a proper military mindset to train yourself to the regime.

But when you finally see a user’s life improve because of your product, you will see that all those hours you put in do pay off.

We have had so many users tell us that they failed to maintain a blog so many times with other blogging platforms but could only succeed while blogging with Zeading.

The reason for this is that we at Zeading are dedicated to making your experience better and giving your stories and content a voice. That is what we love doing and will continue to do so.

For the next 100 days:

We want to do so much in the next 100 days that it’s almost intoxicating. We plan to roll out our new mobile app, a full UI Reboot, great new features like an improved Zen Mode, linking to your existing blogs on WordPress and Blogspot, private publishing and maintaining your collections, and a full blown repair of all the bugs and inconsistencies that we see in the site as of now.

When we say that we are going to make the one stop for reading and writing on the web, we mean it. And we need all your support to do it.

To all our users, we just want to assure you that we are en route towards making the best publishing platform in the world and are very happy to have you with us. Your faith in us means everything.

Till then, keep telling us the stories that we so love to hear. We are your most ardent fans!

Happy Zeading!



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