Zeading : A state of the art blogging platform

Zeading is a state of the art blogging platform with many novel and revolutionary features. It leverages social networking to attain better viewership and at the same time helps writers write better.

Reading is also an archaic process and is in a dire need of innovation and Zeading is doing this with Zen Mode, a player for articles that lets you read blogs like a video.

Zeading also employs machine learning and network effects to improve reading experience.

Zen Mode

Traditional reading is an archaic process which has seen little or no innovation and we at Zeading aim at changing that. Zen Mode is a player that changes any written content to an animated video, no need to read in the traditional manner, with a simple click on the play button you can now read better and enjoy more.

Serial Novels

Its tough to finish a novel in one sitting both for writers and readers. Hence the age old concept of novel serialization is being reintroduced in Zeading, read and write a story one episode at a time and then link it all together to make a season of your story.


Whether it is choosing your readers or people whom you want to write with, we at zeading believe that the content is author’s property and its their choice. With channels one can set their own personalized blog, write a magazine etc.

Pen names

People have different styles and want different names to be associated with each or may not want to disclose their identity with certain other articles, to cater to all these requirements Zeading team have created an option of pen names, where a user from an account can publish under multiple pen names.


Analytics is the future, the technology of the 21st century and Zeading wants its users to take its full advantage; writing, reading, everything can be improved if logical insights are provided for the data gathered and now you can do that easily with our dashboard, a one stop destination for you to know everything about your account and your content.

Networking effects

We at Zeading, want to take best technologies and combine them in zeading to create a superior product. Networking effect does that for us. In this age of social media, networked content has a lot more potential to get viral and reach its potential viewership.

Zeading uses a learning algorithm and parameters like popularity, trends , age, reach etc. while sorting the articles. Moreover it leverages recommenders to understand every individual’s particular requirements and taste and according shows the right matches in his feed, improving the overall experience of readers.


At Zeading, you earn points for every day that you login, every story that you write and everytime someone interacts with your work. This helps us provide you with a gamified and enjoyable experience of writing. Points can later be redeemed for free gifts on 15th of every month.

Read. Write. Believe. Welcome to Zeading.



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