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cid-daya-funny-jokes-arvind-jejriwal-ravi-shankar-prasadArvind Kejriwal, What a Fall!

Arvind Kejriwal’s statements today were a big revelation. He had announced that he would expose a scam. But what he actually exposed was the reality of his anti corruption crusade.

Frankly, it is good that no façade of fighting corruption even exists and people will no longer be misguided about what he stands for.

After the demonetization move, we were sure that some political parties with hoards of unaccounted money would be badly hurt.

But the anguish shown by AAP shows that it has been hurt the most and the reason is no surprise!

Inline with his startling revelations, we would also like to offer him some more proofs, in case it helps him expose more corruption cases.

Neil Armstrong was also sent by Modi ji to the moon to perhaps to hide black money of the industrialists.

It maybe also the case that Mangalyaan may be used to hide black money of the corrupt on Mars. We hope he soon personally inspects Mars and uncovers the scam.

We have been great fans of his detective abilities. We also urge him to soon start his version of ‘CID’ on TV. We are sure that he will not need even an hour to crack any case.

We are still in awe of how he presented 370 pages of proof against Sheila Diskhit. We also remember how accurately he unraveled a big scam of how Modi ji was going to raise price of gas to $16.

We are also fans of his mathematical abilities and how accurately he predicted that a one way ticket of the bullet train will cost Rs 75,000.

Frankly, nothing different was expected from Arvind Kejriwal. The person who can question the army for proof of the surgical strikes, can do anything.

But it is also a bit sad to see his evolution from the Chief Minister of Delhi to Chief Rumour Monger of Delhi!

His allegations, like all his previous allegations are a pack of shameless lies, which we don’t find the need to dignify with an answer.




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