Long live Modi, the son of soil : You march ahead, nation is with you!

modi-go-ahead-nation-with-youPM Modi

To my mind it’s a fact and bare fact that entire nation are whole heartedly with the PM Modi and his demonetization drive!

But a few vested interests and those who are opposing each and every action of Modi government blindly since last two and half years, and some well meaning citizens who are misguided by propaganda and misinformation bombarded incessantly day and night by a section of biased print and electronic media and of course beleaguered political leaders of all shades barring none and of course hoarders of black money ( some well known professions and professionals) are opposing this drive and truly speaking they are in miniscule minority!

Twice I withdrew money from ATM and talked to scores of people in que none, I am saying none have any complain whatsoever!

I am moving across the city nowhere there is any ho halla I saw except on TV screens and in corner meetings of some beleaguered political leaders and of course in Parliament in the name of common man of country!

Of course there are some hardship faced by farmers of country because this is sowing and cultivating season which they are some how managing by various traditional means without making, much hue and cry, as have been informed by some of my farmer relatives!

As far as opposition is concerned they have already decided the day Modi government took the oath that they are not going to let the Parliament run smoothly on this or that alibi in the name of this and that issue and in the name of those whom they let remain poor despite their old slogan of”

गरीबी हटाओ”of 1971 general election! I am saying with full authority at my command that entire nation! yes entire nation barring 0.1percent vested interests are with Modi and demonetization!

I have not come across a single common man who is not with demonetization drive despite facing some temporary hardship!

Long live Modi the son of the soil! You march ahead, nation is with you!

अभी नहीं तो कभी नहीं!

वन्दे मातरम्!

– Rajendra Bharati



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