Your share and contribution could save a life

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Kushagra Tripathi, he’s just 9 years old. While his mates are learning how to solve sums in Maths at school he’s troubling around the medical equipments trying to do the needful to him.

Kushagra is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and fighting for his life at AIIMS Delhi. Mr. Rahul, his father has even sold out his cellphone to arrange the fees for his chemo sessions. It’d be a big loss of a young life if Kushagra didn’t get the treatment at right time.

So all I want you to do is come forward and share if you have got any kind of favour to do to save his life. If you know someone who could donate for the charity or any organisation who helps such cases please do come forward.

Please spread the word so the help could reach out to him asap. Kushagra has got a lot to learn. Please help him to get back to his school.

You can call or WhatsApp to kid’s father Mr.Rahul Tirpathi
Mobile no.9721249999

– Bilal M Jaffery



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