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I Am That Change is a 2014, Telugu short film directed by Sukumar and produced by actor Allu Arjun on Geetha Arts. Apart from Allu Arjun, the short film features an ensemble cast of Tanisshq Reddy, Vikram Chaitanya, Surya Ashrith, Trisha, Sri Varshini, Bharath Reddy and Sathish. Sai Karthik is the music director and Amol Rathod is the cinematographer while Prawin Pudi is the editor.

The short film released on 14 August 2014 around 8:30 PM, a day before the 68th Independence Day of India as a tribute to the day. Upon its release, the short film received viral response online and was acclaimed by many including celebrities for its concept and execution.[4] It was also screened in theaters which received similar response from the audience.


A rich brat (Tanisshq Reddy) answers a call and continues to drive a car against the rules and when a traffic constable stops him, the driver offers a bribe of ₹500. On a parallel note, a student is unable to write her exams and her friend offers her an additional sheet for copying the answers. On another note, a kid drinks a cool drink and drops the paper cup near a dust bin and walks away with his father only to halt after a small distance. On the other hand, Allu Arjun attends a public meeting without allowing the security to check him.

However, Allu Arjun soon realizes his mistake, and let the security to check him. And then, there is a realization from the traffic constable who fines Tanisshq Reddy, the boy realizes his mistake and drops the cup in the dust bin and the girl in the examination refuses to copy the answers from the additional sheet and they did their duties without being indulged in corruption and anti-socialism. The short film ends with Allu Arjun conveying the message “Performing ones duty is a form of Patriotism, Change begins with us, I am that change. Be that change” with the other three saying “I Am That Change”.



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