It’s not only education but your deeds which earns you respect

That was the historic day because Dr. Manmohan Singh finally spoke otherwise I was seriously thinking that he is a robot. On a serious note I want to admit that I couldn’t respect him from the day he decided to become puppet of an uneducated woman.

People say that he should be respected for his educational qualification. Well from that logic I should respect all the bureaucrats or civil servants who have looted this nation with both the hands because they all are necessarily educated, I should respect all the educated foreign degree holder politicians of congress like Salman Khursheed who didn’t even leave besakhi of handicaps to fill his own bank accounts.

Everyone should respect Ravan (I do) for his wisdom and knowledge but hardly anybody does and hence his effigies are burnt every year. It’s not only education which earns you respect, these are your deeds which earn what you deserve. Remember that hiding a crime is as big a crime as committing it.

Having said that I really appreciate the way Dr. Manmohan Singh has criticied the government. The work of opposition is to criticize the government constructively and point out the loopholes in the policies adopted by it and is not to disturb the working by bands or hurdles or by abusing or hurling baseless allegations.

Wether Dr. Manmohan Singh was right or not is a different matter and certainly I don’t have enough qualification to talk on complicated economic matters. Though most of the qualified unbiased economist are considering this demonetization as brave move which might or might not work as this is not the tried and tested move.

Condition of countries or time were different when last time somebody used demonetization to curb corruption, counterfeit currency and terrorism. In fact a few days back I posted the article by economist on how this demonetization shouldn’t be compared with other demonetization.

And it will work only if further actions will be taken like reforms of taxes, controlling and putting accountability on bureaucrats, more transparent laws and regulations on property and metals like gold market, etc.

And I certainly know that these changes can’t take place in 1 week or a month. Policy making for such a huge nation is not as same as preparing presentation for school or college or even for a company where we work at the last moment.

So instead of becoming economist without getting any knowledge about it or becoming part of somebody’s propaganda, we should rather wait till 31 December. Obviously one can’t expect a complete ‘KayaKalp’ of nation but things will become more clearer I believe.



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Proud right winger but don’t believe in extremism of any ideology. Hates pseudo feminists, liberals and seculars (in short communists). Believe in taking side and don’t understand the drama of neutrality. Did MBA in finance and marketing.

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