An open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

modi-at-officePM Modi

Hon. Prime Minister,

Namo Namaha

Direct-Effects and Side-Effects of demonetization of high denomination currency notes have all turned into Direct-Benefits inevitably. Suddenly, Kashmir Valley is normal in life, all rats are out of their holes scampering around with some of them gnashing their teeth at Jantar Mantar, gangsters struggling for survival… and people arguing with street hawkers / thele-walas to accept payment through cards… beggars are now credit / debit card compliant, even Shani Maharaj lying in mustard-oil buckets is now accepting alms on Saturdays through Paytm…

independent Bharata is witnessing a very unique revolution, could not have been visualized even by our great ‘visionaries’, all because the jugular vein of illicit money supply was snapped suddenly. The E-Currency Revolution is a historic one and I would like to equate it with another Quit India Movement / Dandi March, one of the momentous turning points in nation’s history.

It was a fantastic thing done by you and any amount of compliment shall not be enough for you. Now, even worst enemies of the nation shall not be able to thwart nation’s march to glory. I congratulate you again for the historic decision, Mr. Prime Minister.

I appeal to you to order printing of complete map of Akhand Bharata on one side of all currency notes as a permanent feature forever. If this measure is adopted, no country in the world shall ever print fake Bharatiya currency. If countries like Nepal / Bangladesh / Bhutan object, they may be pacified by explaining, Akhand Bharata is our ancient heritage and we cherish that like all other aspects of our cultural heritage. This measure shall strengthen the historic measure of demonetization of high value currency notes by several notches.

Country is now saddled with two Arvind Kejariwals. One is of course, well-known / notorious CM who has converted Delhi into a garbage ‘Dhalao’ and the other, quite unfortunately, Chief Justice of India !!! CJI has been deporting himself in a most callous / irresponsible manner hitherto, on the issue of MOP.

In spite of being a non-entity with no status, I wish I could issue an appeal to all litigants in the country to line up in queue before Supreme Court clamouring for justice against crores of long-pending cases in various courts across the country!!

And the man heading Judiciary is worried about long queues opposite banks across the country warning (or threatening !!) of riots !! I am just unable to understand, how the top man of Judiciary can conduct himself in such an obstreperous manner. If such people have been able to penetrate higher judiciary, it is all the more imperative, Collagium is trashed earliest possible, NJAC brought back and enforced ruthlessly.

As a temporary measure, why can’t President mediate between Judiciary and Govt. to bring about a workable truce to move on ? President is an old / hardened Congressman and he may very well exercise his positive influence over a plethora of authorities who have been awarded powerful chairs owing to their old Congress connections. With so much awakening in the country and growing by leaps and bounds every day, no President worth his / her salt can remain a marble statue ensconced within ‘holy’ precincts of Rashtrapati Bhavan any more.

President may also be prevailed upon to influence Opposition in Rajya Sabha to allow Rajya Sabha to function while continuing their frustrated protest at Jantar Mantar every morning / evening before and after day’s session.
It is really a disgusting scenario to say the least.

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari



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