Don’t try to find the message of “Burkha is Mah choice”

This picture of fashion show shocked me for a second but before I could put my grey part of brain to work to find the creativity of this fashion show, this pic reminded me of my visit to one showroom of high end brand in famous mall of London.

When I entered the showroom the first thing I spotted were Burkhas. Now that was something I didn’t expect in that showroom of London. I mean I can imagine them in showrooms of middle east where every Islamic women have made it her ‘choice’ to cover herself up in black to feel the heat of desert more.

But London still didn’t have many “burkha is mah choice’ kind of women and girls back in 2009. Out of curiosity I looked at the price tag on those burkhas and to my surprise the first burkha I picked up priced at near about Rs. 3,00,000/-. I tried hard to find that thing which could make it worth 3,00,000 but as ignorant as I am I couldn’t find it.

Later on when I looked around me in that mall, the majority of the visitors were wearing Arabian clothing. They were shekhs of oil rich countries with their families where women/girls were covered in burkhas.

So don’t try to find the creativity in the picture in from of pattern, texture, colour, motifs, etc or try to see the contrasting orange shoes and green cap on burkha as out of box thinking.

Or try to see a gothic theme here or perceive that purpose of the show was to highlight the shoes and cap and hence cover the models in black sheet. And most importantly don’t try to find the message of “Burkha is Mah choice” as it is not and at the end it’s all about money and not charity or some message or creativity. If there is any creativity then it is a creativity of convincing more and more women to wear this black sheet to get the certificate of MODESTY.

Burka, hijab, ghunghat or covering the head by duppata are not the symbol of “mah choice”, these are symbols of oppression and whoever promotes them do not have right to talk about rights of women.



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Naha Tyagi
Proud right winger but don’t believe in extremism of any ideology. Hates pseudo feminists, liberals and seculars (in short communists). Believe in taking side and don’t understand the drama of neutrality. Did MBA in finance and marketing.

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