Veda are not merely religious scriptures

in-search-of-cradle-of-civilizationIn search of cradle of civilization

When more and more news channels and pages on FB are imposing their narrative and view point in the guise of information, the comments help you get what masses exactly want, how they look at things, how they react and what they believe.

And hence more than content of the posts I rely on the comments. When the movie Mohenjo Daro was released and expert bashed it for not casting dark skinned actors and not showing any invasion I read the comments of people which shocked me, specially of youngsters.

They blindly believed in Aryan Invasion Theory or may be not blindly, after all this what they taught us, this is exactly what every archeologist after the discovery of Indus valley civilisation tried hard to prove that North Indians who were ruled by barbarians time and again can’t be so sophisticated as to give rise to such a grand civilisation.

The communist history taught to us has skink a sense of inferiority in us and hence we without reading our scriptures blindly believe the distorted interpretation of few hymns and mantras which are abstracted from mammoth of scriptures to prove different propagandas ranging from breaking the nation into Dravidian and Aryan, proving Hindus as male chauvinaist and war mongers, etc.

This book written by three writers Georg Feuerstein, Subhash Kak and David Frawley gives new insight into vedas and our history. The book has eloquently depicted how vedas can be used to decode the past event of ancient civilisation and why they shouldn’t be discarded merely as religious books. A must read book for all those interested in ancient history.

Warning: This book might inspire you to read vedas specially rig ved.



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