Offering Water as Pran-Shakti to Shiv-ling

Shiv is formless yet all forms are his forms. There is a mysterious power, indescribable Shakti in Shivlinga… Shivlinga speaks to you in the unmistakable language of silence, ” I am ONE without a second, I am formless…”

The Shivlinga talks to a sincere seeker, makes him shed sacred tears which wash away all his karmic burdens, melts hearts, raises him above body consciousness… The oldest, foremost linga which is primary and devoid of color, smell, taste, hearing, touch etc is none other than Prakriti, Nature, Adi Shakti…..

People go to Shiv temple and offer ghee, milk, honey etc and these are expensive. Lord Ashutosh can easily be pleased with water which is the least expensive accessible commodity. Water basically is Pran Shakti, life energy…

So a devotee does not just offer water to Shiv, he offers to Shiv his Pran Shakti which is the divine goddess, Aadi Shakti herself… What you give to God comes back to you manifold…

May you all attain the formless Shiva through the worship of Shivlinga..

– Amit Balan



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