Bottle gourd Jaggery Pie : Dudhi Gud Ka Halwa

bottle-gourd-halwa with jaggery

Whenever we make Lauki (Bottle gourd ) ka halwa.  It is more healthy in winter to make make it using jaggery.


Grated Bottle gourd – 1

Khova – 1 Cup

Milk – 1 Cup

Jaggery – 1 Cup

Saffron color – 1/2 tbsp mix in 2 tbsp milk

Green cardamom – 2

Ghee – 3 tbsp

Chpped Dry Fruits, Grated Coconut – 1/2 Cup


Put pan on flame, add grated lauki (bottle gourd) and cook it till water evoporates.

Take a non stick pan, put it on flame add ghee.

Pour the grated lauki (bottle gourd) in the pan cook for 5 min than add milk, saffron color.

When bottle gourd is nicely cooked in milk & it start leaving the pan add khoya, jaggery.

Mix all of them, cover it with lid at slow flame cook for 5 min.

Take it out in a bowl, garnish with dry fruits and coconut.

Your Lauki Gud Ka Halwa is ready.



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