Open Letter to Manmoan Singh : Time will write the history of all!

manmohan singh compared to bhishma making india

Celebrated economist and Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has written an editorial article over ‘Demonetization’ for english daily The Hindu.

If I remember correctly, then he was the person who successfully rescued Indian economy from its biggest crisis during 90s.

If I am not wrong then he was the person who took daring and straightforward decisions one after the other as the finance minister of the country.

If I am not wrong then he was the person who held crucial offices like PM, FM, Governer of RBI, Chief Economic Advisor, Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission etc.

But when one goes through his article, it appears to be like a text from a typical politician, who some how managed to reach the top post, not from someone of the likes of Mr. Singh. Neither the language, nor the technicalities of data provided is up to the class of Dr. Singh.

Mr. Singh, you were an average Prime Minister during your first tenure, who was not expected to return to power after the elections. But due to weak opposition your government succeeded to return.

UPA-2 was the period of constant downfall for your government and party, the rate of which increased after every passing day. UPA-2 can be considered to be one of the worst Indian governments after independence.

But your past helped you to maintain your image of being an honest Prime Minister. What an irony ! The ‘sardar’ of one of the most corrupt governments was a person without any spot ! Under whose nose corruption and bad governance continued to prevail.

Dr. Singh, I don’t know whether you were really unknown to everything. And how would I know? I was only a adolescent school boy then, unaware of all this! But I remember the names given to you, Puppet PM, Maunmohan Singh, Silent PM and bla-bla.

I don’t really know about your efforts for curtailing black money. But I believe you, I believe you if you assured us about it in your article. Hope this was not written out of frustration!

Dr. Singh, I remember your speech delivered in Rajya Sabha a week ago. That again missed the typical MMS class! Dr. Singh, it’s not necessary to make a statement for the sake of a statement or a speech for the sake of a speech. We are habituated to see a silent Manmohan Singh. And your silence doesn’t affects us anymore. Although it used to bother when you were the PM!

Dr. Singh, I don’t doubt your intentions. But the problems caused by demonetization, that you mentioned in your article were quite petty! You criticized the decision for being taken overnight and talked of demonetization over a period of time. Were you really serious while writing this? Was it really written by the great economist Dr. Manmohan Singh?

Dr. Singh, I am not sure whether you have ever read Mahabharata. But you must be knowing Bhishm Pitamah! I find your role similar to Bhishm!

You are honest. But when you protect all the dishonest and corrupts. It appears that you do the wrong with full honesty. You did it being the prime minister and you are doing it now. Protecting the dishonest-honestly! Similar to what Bhishm did!

Then remember Dr. Singh, Time will write the history of all! Time will write the history of all!



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