Documents and Videos can be removed or hid, but not the truth

Only this song in MP 3 is available of this magnificent film in Hindi named Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is now available.This is one of the many example how this greatest son of our Motherland was shabbily behaved by our Country, his home state and even by his own Family.

While giving an Interview Prof. Sugato Bose in a TV channel, had told that this film was his favorite Movie since his childhood. May I ask one question to the learned Professor, that when copy of our country’s first silent film Alam Ara is preserved why not this film?

Besides all the golden oldies of Hindi, Bengali and other regional films are preserved, then why not this film.

Primarily Netaji Research Bureau should be held responsible.

Surprisingly all other video songs of this film were removed.

Same are the cases of other documentaries.They are slowly removed from you tube.

If care is not taken The best documentaries on Netaji like ”Hadse ki Haqueeqat,”” Kuchh to hai”,”Uran,””Black Box Of History Netaji” and other documentaries may be removed.

– Ashoke Bhattacharya



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