Roman prez rejects nomination of Sevil Shhaideh : Media has no space for other reasons than being muslim


How media fools people with ‘false’ causality? Romanian president Klaus Iohannis rejected the nomination of Sevil Shhaideh without giving ‘any’ reason. I did a quick Google search to find out how media had reported this news.

The first three search results are:

1. “Romanian President Klaus Iohannis rejects country’s first ever Muslim Prime Minister”- The Independent

2. “Romania President rejects Muslim Sevil Shhaideh as PM”- BBC

3. “President rejects Muslim PM candidate Sevil Shhaideh | Romania News”- Aljazeera

If you carefully analyse the three headlines then you’ll find that the religion of rejected PM is being presented as most important thing. The cause of rejection of nomination has been directly linked with her being a Muslim.

A false relationship between cause and effect has been presented before the people. Consider about other reasons for rejection which are mentioned in the reports with less emphasis:

1. She is politically inexperienced and has only little over 6 months experience. She has only served as regional minister.

2. Her Syrian husband’s background may be the another factor.

3. Her proximity with Liviu Dragnea, who had to withdraw his nomination after being convicted for fraud in previous election.

In any sane world, these three causes would have been a more logical explanation of the events but media went for the sensational one by focusing on her religion. There is neither any empirical evidence nor logical basis to establish that her religion was the cause here.

The cause presented here is completely beyond the spectrum but other causes won’t have left room for pushing the ideological agenda. Human mind loves causality because it gives mind the feeling of understanding the series of events.

Causality keeps the information organised and concise which is helpful in remembering it. Our education system also puts too much emphasis on causality from the beginning.

Media exploit this cognitive bias of humans to fool them while they think that they’re getting more information.



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