VIDEO : Five Kabali deleted scenes

kabali-deleted scenes

There may be not single person who hasn’t heard about Rajanikant’s Kabali. The movie was going to be extra special as it marked the return of Rajinikanth to the big screen after a long gap. And then they released the teaser – it created a furore like never before.

According to YouTube it’s one of top trending trailers of 2016. But guess what, even though the movie released a few months ago, the makers had a surprise in store for us on the last day of this year. They had announced, they would release deleted scenes from Kabali.

The first clip features Radhika Apte, who played the film’s leading lady and Rajinikanth in a romantic banter. In the second clip, Rajinikanth is presented a gun by a former Malaysian don. In the third clip, Rajinikanth expresses his love for his wife to his daughter, played by Dhansikaa.

Dinesh, who played second fiddle to Rajinikanth in the film, introduces himself in the fourth video. In the last clip, Rajinikanth finds out about his daughter’s love life.

Directed by Pa. Ranjith, Kabali is the story of an ageing gangster and his last shot at redemption.

Rajinikanth’s Kabali released on July 22nd. The movie stars Dhaniska, Radhika among tohers. The south movie saw one of the biggest openings across countries. The movie released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malay. The movie will now release in Thailand on January 5th 2017.



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