38th Anniversary : Marichjhapi Massacre of 1700 Hindu Refugees & Rapes of more than 100, in Communist regime


#Marichjhapi Massacre of 1700 Hindu Refugees & Rapes of more than 100, in #Communist regime..

Today is 38th anniversary…

Black Day of India – 31 January 1979

Deadliest massacre in the history of independent India, which has been deleted from History books

1,700 Hindus were mercilessly gunned down in Marichjhapi by West Bengal Police on the orders of COMMUNIST CM Jyoti Basu. Many of these were children, women and elderly.

More than 100 women were raped again and again by Communist cadres and policemen. After raping them, they were shot, beheaded or brutally beaten to death.

15 innocent children aged 5-10 who had taken shelter in a hut were BEHEADED with knives by Communist cadres and police who were given orders to kill all the Hindu refugees. These innocent children were preparing for the Saraswati Puja (which was on 1 February)

After killing them, the communists destroyed the statue of Saraswati that was being decorated by those kids to celebrate the pooja next day.
4,128 families perished in transit, died of starvation, exhaustion, and many were killed in Kashipur, Kumirmari, and Marichjhapi by police firings. The CPIM congratulated its participant members on their successful operation at Marichjhapi

Jyoti Basu (Communist) issued prohibitory orders after the murder of 1700 Hindus and blocked the entry of journalists, activists or anyone who could have shed light on this news.

This is the worst state-sponsored massacre in the history of India where the government ordered cold-blooded murder of thousands of innocent, unarmed, harmless Hindu refugees just because they were turning out to be a burden.
Today marks the 38 years of India’s black day – a shameful event in India’s independent history when 1700 innocent people were killed by the COMMUNIST PARTY Government and cadres of the party. This news could never come out in open.

Hardly anyone in India knows about this massacre of Hindus. On this day, I pray to Maa Saraswati that may their souls rest in peace !!

If you want to read more about this, read the book : “The Hungry Tide” by Amitava Ghosh. I am also attaching few links for this incident, which was never covered by any media.

PS : If you have slightest of sympathy and this story shook you, PLEASE SHARE IT ! Every Indian MUST know the atrocities of Communists and Red Terrorism !


The Morichjhanpi massacre: When tigers became citizens, refugees “tiger-food”

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