You impose inferiority on me and I will kick you

The movie ‘Chak de India’ was inspired by the life of Ranjan Negi and as the name suggests he was Hindu but what movie depicted was that the credibility of coach was questioned only because the poor chap was from muslim community.

It was made to inspire and entertain people but would have the entertainment and inspirational part suffered if they had chosen a Hindu name of the coach? Did the script writer and SRK feared that the movie will lost masala by using Hindu name?

Well the only thing they would have lost with Hindu name was propaganda of showing that Muslims are victim of hatred in this nation. They picked up the story of BajiRao Mastani and again a muslim woman was shown as the victim of hatred of Hindu upper caste family when the reality was far from it.

Before BajiRao, Ashutosh Gowarikar with Jodha Akbar had already picked sensitive subject, created controversy out of it, painted ‘alternative’ picture of history and collected huge amount of money from our pockets. The movie started with heavy male voice and every word of that voice tried to prove that Mughals were boon for this otherwise unstable nation.

The great Hemu who rose to prominence with his hard work and skills was painted as mere opportunist who claimed the throne of Delhi after the death of Suri king for whom Hemu won n number of wars. The first 12 minutes of movie were enough to explain the entire purpose of it.

In both the cases they got away with “Movies are meant for entertainment, we are not presenting history, let us use our creativity” or better “it’s alternative view of history”.

If alteration is to be done then why always views of Hindus have to be altered? And history is not an art which can be changed or moulded in the name of Creativity?

History is formed by amalgamating hard core facts. Facts which are stained with blood of innocent people, facts which are filled with screams of women who were either raped or chose fire of jauhar to save their honour, facts which are crying to get noticed by scholars to see how people were forcefully proselytised.

Main stream directors and producers of Bollywood have always discriminated against Hindus where discrimination is not limited to distortion of history.

Team of Haider had to pack up after ‘students’ of Kashmir ‘objected’ to the national flag on the top of their shift bunkers. But not a single person from Bollywood condemn this intolerance towards the national flag, nobody dropped his surname, nobody called it terrorism, and nobody could see any need to do something to stop this hatred.

Fatwa was issued against A.R Rahman but again no condemnation, no dropping of surname, no unity for the fellow artist, freedom of expression was no longer absolute. Vishvaroopam was protested and later banned but again who cares as it was protested by peaceful and not by Hindus.

I am irreligious person and I don’t relate to any of the ‘Hindu’ sena which vandalise gift galleries on days like Valentine but I do care a lot about my culture and history and distortion of it in any name is not acceptable to me.

I feel vulnerable of losing my culture and history when governments, liberals, commies, ‘seculars’ keep mum on distortion and suppression of history and culture of my nation but fear saffronisation with every correction in the history books.

I feel cheated by left when they don’t even bate their eye on misdeeds of second majority of this nation but try to drag majority community in every crime committed by anybody and then cry rivers for increased ‘intolerance’.

I feel sad when Tasleema Nasreen is not supported by ‘liberals’ and advocates of free speech but they stood up for a fiction writer like Wendy Doniger.

I don’t know about other nations which have chosen right wingers but I know of myself and many like me in Bharat who are scared of loosing their identity which lies in our culture and history.

I am forced to question the standing of left, liberals and seculars when they don’t stand against the ban on books like Avaran by Byrappa and Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie (by the way if someone has copy of it then please send one to me).

I didn’t not vote BJP to bring some Hindu raj but I voted it because I knew that under congress and left, we were slowly but gradually going far away from who we are. They wanted me to feel inferior about my identity as Bhartiya but by rejecting them I have rejected the idea of being inferior to anyone. You impose inferiority on me and I will kick you. And hence Right is rising.



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Naha Tyagi
Proud right winger but don’t believe in extremism of any ideology. Hates pseudo feminists, liberals and seculars (in short communists). Believe in taking side and don’t understand the drama of neutrality. Did MBA in finance and marketing.

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