Doordarshan Nostalgic Reminisce : Hum Log

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Hum Log (1984-1985) was a very popular Hindi soap which started on Doordarshan in 1984. The Indian public loved the show and the characters became legend and a very common topic of discussion.

It was a story of an Indian middle class family and their daily life struggles. Being the first soap-opera on Indian TV (Doordarshan), it captivated everybody (even if for the simple reason there was nothing else on TV!).

The plot revolves around a lower-middle-class Indian family living in Delhi : the drinking, singing father; the long-suffering, hard-working mother; their three daughters (ahh, the plight of a father with many daughters in India!) and one son; the grandparents; and the foreign-settled cousins.

The eldest daughter is a feminist (“Badki”), anti-dowry; the middle wants to have fun (“majli” = middle); and the youngest (“chutki” = small one) is in school, I think.

The son wants to make money, and gets involved with a rich family (marrying into money). Just showed their everyday life. At the end of the show, veteran Hindi film actor Ashok Kumar used to discuss the on-going story and situations with the audience in his unique style always ending his lines with Hum Log.

Cast of Characters:

Basesar:  Was the father and was an alcoholic. Played by Vinod Nagpal

Bhagwanti:  The mother was a housewife and used to sleep in her kitchen itself. Played by Jayashree Arora.

Lallu: The eldest son, unemployed and looking for a job. Played by Rajesh Puri

Nanhe: The younger son. Played by Abhinav Chaturvedi

Badki: The eldest daughter, Played by Seema Bhargava

Majhli: The second daughter, Played by Divya Seth

Chutki: The youngest daughter. Played by Loveleen Mishra

Dadaji: Retired teacher and the grandfather.

Dadi: Grandmother, played by Sushma Seth

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