Modi’s Battle of Marathon : India gifted herself an epic leader, Narendra Modi

Modi’s Battle of Marathon Why Modi’s political success is an epic successModi’s Battle of Marathon

Why Modi’s political success is an epic success

Modi’s political battle is metaphorically redolent with the battle of Marathon, one of history’s most famous engagements fought for a cause hundreds of years ago. Fighting for the citizens of Athens, General Miltiades decimated the robustly superior invaders disgorged in huge numbers by a large fleet of ships at the north of Athens.

Modi, in a similar vein, has been able to lead his team to a glorious democratic triumph after shielding a barrage of unethical offensive which was fiercely launched against him from across the entire socio-political spectrum of the country.

The verdict of 2014 parliamentary elections and the subsequent growth in his popularity reflect people’s wisdom to align with the best leader despite bombardments of canards by propagandists. Modi’s victory, in this sense, will always remain emblazoned on the pages of history in golden words.

Why is Modi’s political achievement an epic victory? Is it because he could garner, for the first time in three decades, a clear majority for any political party? Or, is it because Modi has been able to strengthen his position in many more states?

No, these are not the reasons why it can be termed as an epic victory. The clue to the answer lies in the definition of an epic victory. An epic victory is the one which is achieved after an excessively long period of struggle involving daunting difficulties. In this sense of the word, Modi’s victory perfectly deserves the sobriquet ‘epic’.

Almost all opposition parties and pseudo-secularists, for a decade, have been inflicting hundreds of unwarranted wounds on him in a figurative sense. They have left no stone unturned to unjustifiably malign him without any substantial grounds. Perhaps he stands as the most slandered political leader in any modern democracy of the world. However, people of India have  helped Modi roundly trounce the various dogmatic segments that have been engaged in a long series of murky propaganda against him. This turns his victory into an epic one.

Personal attack has been an area where the Modi-baiters have tried to humiliate Modi in exceptionally bad taste. In the last ten years, they have called him names in foulest of languages, and even targeted his family with acrimony and rancour. Modi-baiters, out of their monomania to stop Modi’s popularity, used every dirty trick of the trade. Election after election, the entire opposition parties have ganged up against Modi. But people of India have become mature enough to see through the vilification campaign initiated by myopic politicians to denigrate Modi

People with vested interests tried to corner Modi on the basis of flimsy grounds which the highest court summarily rejected. Even the Rajan committee under the aegis of the then ruling dispensation Congress, by using flawed methodology, had deliberately and wrongly tried to project Modi-led-Gujarat as a backward state – an effort which was widely criticized and ridiculed by an array of prominent economists including those in planning commission. If you can remember, in their mala fide vehemence to corner Modi by hook or by crook, the Congress desecrated all democratic conventions and used every institution unethically in that direction. You can also remember how the head of a government college, in 2014, brazenly put all the ethical norms on the back seat when he unreasonably tried to influence students against Modi with open emails to them In the end.

But even these powerful but unethical ambushes could not stop Modi’s juggernaut to arrive at the land of political success. Ultimately, all the outlandishly ferocious campaigns against Modi utterly failed to countervail his march to the hearts of people.

Games of democracy are played on the turf of people and the source of real power in democracy is people. Modi does know this crucial mantra, and that’s why his political success comes despite opposition’s unethical attack on him and despite the cheap gimmicks of Modi-baiters. This is the element that makes Modi’s success an epic success.  Modi is the epitome of impeccable governance, integrity, and leadership.

Undoubtedly, India has gifted herself an epic leader, i.e., Narendra Modi.



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