#OneGoOneImpact : To Have Begging Free ‘Delhi’

ashish sharma one go one impact to have begging free delhi

Since Independence, a lot could have been done to timely curb many serious issues prevalent in the society or at least an effective plan could have been chalked out and implemented. But that did not happen.

One of the most serious problems that Delhi faces today is Begging.

Did you know that begging is illegal in India, and still it is seen everywhere?
We need to come strong to fight against it. All we need is determination and dedication to eradicate such vices one by one.

The very first child I rescued said to me “you are magical”, and I believe that, we are all magical.

Magic is what’s going to happen in Delhi. And then we’ll gradually spread it throughout the country. I believe it is doable because miracles do happen.

This initiative was started all alone, but today more than 15 organizations, hundreds of lawyers, university students, artists, and professionals have voiced their support.
If required, we shall protest in Delhi on 14th June against begging.

I have faith in our constitution and hope that justice would be done.

Let’s gear up and start making our India free from every problem one by one, in one go one impact.

Feel free to email me regarding this initiative. My email ID is ashishbless211@gmail.com & contact number is 9990310076.

We will be there with you wherever you need us.

It’s my humble request to spread this message to maximum number of people in your circle and invite other like minded souls. Let’s do this!

For any information, you can give me a call from 6pm to 7 pm or drop an email.

– Ashish Sharma



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  1. Partha Dutta | May 20, 2017 at 5:24 pm | Reply

    Hi, I am really touched with this Initiative. It’s a great cause.

    The fact is child begging is huge nexus which includes many influencials even law makers too. Child begging is a crime in fact begging itself is a crime. I support this initiative.

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