Gurmehar Kaur : If Life is a drama, then Media is melodrama!

“Life is a Drama” …. Indian media houses took it seriously and hence they started  planting stories… no wonder why an eminent intellectual and Rtd. Army chief General V.K.Singh called them #presstitutes.

I wud love to say – “If Life is a drama, then Media is melodrama..!!”

#Gurmehar kaur started the first scene with a white background holding planks ‘profile for peace’  and ended it with poor performance..!

Awesome portrayal of ‘Profile for Peace’…
One must see the other side of the coin too… Gurmehar is in a CAMPAIGN (as she herself mentioned in withdrawal Tweet).. well scripted and designed to target three political occasions ..

1. Last 3 phases of UP election….
2. DUSU election of University…
3. Punjab election…

The guy officially handling her social media Mr. Ram Subramanian ( yet to chk exact name) is the guy who handles AAP media cell and she herself  has been in direct touch of AAP leader Sisodia and Kejriwal… Logic says.. does it prove a point, yes it does..!

She is a pawn in this game… she has been chosen much much before…. She was in touch with left leader Kavita Krishanan for many years now…who used to introduce her as Kargil Martyrs daughter but ask her to be pro Pakistan in events where intellectual sit together … in name of discussing futility of wars… they always slam Indian Army n Indian Govt. ( one can pronounce it Modi Govt.)…

When social media dig up her FB profile n Tweet… they found her wishing 14th Aug to Pakistan but next day she is silent…! She has been a mere poster girl for Left n a puppet in hands of  self proclaimed intellectuals , liberals..!

When ppl trolled her… few jurno who are known for propaganda journalism followed a college story of half state on their prime time.. and showed the country as if the situation is alike an emergency or something… heh..
It’s funny to see… how the nation find it interesting what news they are shown.. and not actual news what must bother the nation…

Like no media coverage about crimes.. accidents… goonism from other “Less TRP states” it Odisa, NE states, Kerala , Telangana, Andhra, Himachal etc… One of my friend once asked me – ‘Bhai, does any other university held as big election as DU does…???’ I said… most of them do but media is worried only about DU..!! can you guess the reason… in done word… yes, its TRP..!

I personally see #Gurmehar case , as a selective journalism….. I personally see Gurmehar case as another election gimmick.. as they did with Akhlaq (UP) beef case… Jasleen Kaur (delhi) case during one or the other election…!

I myself believe War is not a crime against a nation or it’s citizen.. its crime against whole Earth… whole humanity…

But here the plot was scripted not to stop war between Indo Pak.. it was to wage a political war against parties in India..!



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