Gurmehar Kaur : Time changes, methods change but the objective and agenda of LEFT never changes

Gurmehar Kaur is one among the countless ‘useful idiots’ which communism and left liberalism have employed for advancing their ideas and later throwing them in the Gulag labour camps or staging their assassination as in the case of Trotsky. Time changes, methods change but the objective and agenda of left never changes. Now a days as they don’t have the luxury of having special persecution zones, writing the fates of useful idiots in the Rohith Vemula way is always on the cards. However, I don’t have any sympathy for any useful idiot, rather I will be more harsh to the useful idiots in my conduct as compared with the party employing them.

When you need to persuade masses, identity beats every other alternative and left has specialised in playing the game of narrative to save the ground which is already shrinking beneath their feet. Before that, you need to also focus and analyse the way left has quickly changed the goalpost and everyone is playing around the new goalpost now.

In Ramjas College, things started indicating that it was the SFI students who had beaten the ABVP students. But how will they let you know the truth when their forefathers had created Department of Agitation and Propaganda for such purposes only? That’s why the timeless wisdom which says that experience does matter holds true in most of the cases. It was the time for left to infuse a new element in the saga which will quickly change the topic of the debate so that masses will never know the truth. Media serve as Ministry of Truth for the left in current era in the absence of their control on government.

They picked a girl who checked all the right boxes for playing the game of identity politics-daughter of a martyred army personnel, woman, and liberal. Being 20 years old is the another strong identity card which they’re playing now by saying that a kid is being bullied and trolled by right wing fanatics.

When you play identity politics with simple advertising tricks, that’s nothing less than icing on the cake. Two days later, a new hero who also happens to be victim was created, and the original issue had vanished in the thin air. What’s the subject of the debate now? Right wing trolls issuing rape threats to young and outspoken girl who dared to speak her mind. How does that line sound? Strong enough to exploit the sentiments of young and naive minds? That’s how it’s exactly. What happened to earlier issue about the violence of left unleashed on ABVP students? It was neither debated nor will be debated, instead of that, right has come in defensive mode and spending energy in telling that we didn’t issue rape threats. It has also been revealed that the one who issued rape threat is from their own fraternity but that doesn’t have any importance in the game of narratives.

Can you sense now that how coordinated left is? Their every attack is well planned with their every move serving a special purpose. They put a trap out there and all the right wingers run in a race to get the honour of being trapped. She has been elevated to a state of hero now who dared to challenge the dominant nationalist narrative while reality is completely different. Feminists are out there with their pea sized brains to shout that Indian society can’t tolerate a woman who has her own opinion and painting Indian males as misogynistic as if criticising a girl’s opinion is misogynistic. If doing such is being misogynistic then I’m proud to be such misogynist.

Dear Indian right wings! Learn some lessons from your enemy. Don’t be sentimental fools. Don’t let them set the goalpost so that you mere become the actors in their play, directed and produced by Indian left. Learn little bit manipulation, subversion and deception to defeat the enemy who has mastered in these tactics.



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