Gumnami Baba theory ‘totally absurd’, says grandniece, but Netaji’s niece wouldn’t have agreed!

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In a recent declaration made on an FB forum being run by certain Congress and Communist supporters who have from the start opposed and mocked the efforts to settle the controversy surrounding Subhas Chandra Bose’s fate, his grandniece Madhuri Bose has stated that projecting Gumnami Baba as Netaji is not only absurd but also an attempt to denigrate a man who did not know fear. The declaration has the backing of Netaji’s surviving nephews and nieces and majority of their children.

The declaration doesn’t take into account the bare facts, known to these family members and is, therefore, misleading. Netaji’s niece Lalita Bose was the only family elder who visited Faizabad in the wake of Gumnami Baba’s death in 1985, which brought to fore the claims that he was Netaji. Having scrutinized Baba’s belongings and spoken to those who knew him and carrying out her personal inquiry, Lalita Bose was convinced that Gumnami Baba was her uncle.

Lalita Bose then did what anyone with bona fide intentions would have done. She filed a suit in Allahabad High Court. With a little help from Shakti Singh and Mission Netaji, the same suit has resulted in the formation of the Justice Vishnu Sahai Commission of Inquiry. The commission must tell the nation who Baba really was. Was he really Netaji? And if not, who was he, what was his real name?! Failure of the commission to properly identify Gumnami Baba, or merely stating that he couldn’t have been Netaji would defeat the purpose of the inquiry set up on the court order.

The press clipping seen here is from “Hindustan Times” (24 October 1989). Through a press meet in Delhi, Lalita Bose made certain points:

* Why the Government was not serious to find out who was Gumnami Baba?

* Gumnami Baba was of the same age, size and colour of Netaji. His accent was Bengali. His notes on books in English and Bengali looked like the writing of Netaji.

* After the death of the Baba, Lalita Bose made a claim for his property as his niece as she did not want such important material to be destroyed because it was “unclaimed”.

* Letters found with Baba show and suggest that he had direct links and close connections with India’s top leaders.

None of the Bose family members who are now making sweeping and misleading statements that Gumnami Baba was not Netaji ever set a foot on the soil of Faizabad, much less doing an on-the-spot inquiry as Lalita Bose did. In private talks they spin conspiracy theories to the effect that Gumnami Baba was a plant, set up most likely by Intelligence Bureau, but have thus far not furnished any evidence in the support of this particular contention of theirs.

Get to know the facts. Read “What happened to Netaji?

– Courtesy Anuj Dhar of Mission Netaji (Facebook Post)




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