Maj Navneet Vats kissed Martyrdom 14 years, but his love story is still alive

Shivani became a war widow at a very young age, left with a three year old daughter. This is her story about the virtue of courage. Meet Mrs. Shivani Vats.

‘My life is a love story!”, as said and believed by Mrs. Shivani Vats, who looks upto her husband, late Maj. Navneet Vats ideal’s to look after her and her daughter. She strongly believes that they haven’t lost Navneet, it’s just the distance between them.

Around 1994, Shivani met Navneet through  few common friends in Panchkula, Chandigarh. It was love at first sight, both fell in love. Navneet was very sure about marrying Shivani since the beginning.

While pursuing graduation studies in Jammu, being from a pure olive green family, Shivani was sure that she would marry an army man, but wasn’t sure about Navneet as her future betterhalf.

In 1998, while Navneet was posted as Instructor Commando Wing Belgaum, he travelled two nights in a general compartment to reach delhi and took an early morning bus ride to Chandigarh, Navneet directly reached Shivani’s house, she opened the door and was shocked to see Navneet outside with his bag and asking her to get married. Shivani was awestruck and instantly agreed to Navneet. They were very sure that they wanted to spend their lives together.

As army people always have leave issues, Shivani and Navneet got married in an Arya Samaj mandir without wasting any time in a full filmy style wedding. Everyone was worried and there was a huge chaos, but the couple was very happy. Happy to have found each other’s company. They tied the knot on 24th August 1998.

When Navneet took her to his unit, 4/3 Gorkha Rifles, the first thing the Commanding Officer asked was “Shaadi karke laye ho, ya bhagake?”. She was welcomed with open arms into his unit and with a good amount of understanding of the gorkhali language, Shivani jelled well with the troops.

On their honeymoon, Shivani gifted him a coffee cup with the words inscribed in it “Husband, Dependable, Pillar of Strength, Cherished, Considerate, Protective, You are the Greatest Dream mate”. It’s not just a cup, but still a symbol of summary for Shivani. It’s among the many other items of Navneet, that Shivani has still preserved at her home and cherishes to live with it. If presently any situation comes, Shivani puts herself in Navneet’s shoes to look for a solution.

Shivani takes pride in her learning from the army culture that has made her stronger and more confident in life.

On the fateful day of 20th November 2003, Shivani got a call from the unit (32 RR) about the tragic death of Major Navneet while in action fighting militants to evacuate the Srinagar Telecom building. She wasn’t prepared for this. Whenever Navneet went for action, she always believed that Navneet will come back. Post the military honours and funeral, Shivani was broken and didn’t know what life held for her. Remembering the last glimpses of Navneet’s courageous face, she applied for Teacher’s post at Army Public School and got selected.

Shivani decided to take up the job and nurture the kids of army personnel for tomorrow. Now popularly known as the heartthrob of the APS Chandimandir, anybody while conversing with Shivani ma’am often can still see her mentioning Navneet in her every conversation. Known as a very lively person, the reason behind is her promise to Navneet, who didn’t wanted a cry-cry wife. This got registered in her brain and keeps her going still now.

WATCH this full video to listen to Mrs Shivani Vats and get to know the virtue of courage in her. This episode is part ‘Undefeated – Soldiers of Courage’, an ambitious Web-Series by Paper Weight Entertainment, inspired by the life that a soldier and their families live. What makes them stand out and what gives them the courage to keep living even after the harsh situations they go through during their service for the country and how they (soldiers) who join the armed forces at a very young age grow and imbibe certain principles in life that sets them apart from the others.


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