Most shameful incident in the history of Indian politics?

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There was this question on Quora that which is the most shameful incident in the history of Indian politics? Well there are n number of shameful incidences in the Indian political history. But there are few which left life long scars on this nation which are as follows-

1. When Mahatam Gandhi asked Sardar Vallab Bhai Patel to let Nehru become PM despite Patel getting majority of the votes in his favour. It was shameful because Mahatma let his favouritism ruin the future of this nation by appointing less competent person to become the first PM of independent Bharat.

2. The second shameful incident was direct result of first shameful incident where one mistake of Nehru has left the Kashmir as a conflict zone forever. Had he included Kashmir in Bharat without putting any terms and condition, the situation of Kashmir would have been much better.

3. The third one is again directly related to 1st when Nehru was of opinion that we should hand over Aksai chin to China as it is a ‘barren’ place and hence of no use to Bharat. When Nehru was busy with his utopia of ‘hindi-chini bhai bhai’ Sardar Patel warned him that China doesn’t treat us as Friend but our beloved Chacha Nehur paid no heed to it. He tackled the situation in such a way that the Aksai chin is still a disputed territory.

4. Congress always had many competent leader but with Nehru, Gandhi ji sow the seed of dynasty. Indira Gandhi broke the then congress to become the central power. She played with the power like no other leader has ever played. When today we cry for freedom of expression we forget that in our history there was an incidence when everything came under direct control of one family and it’s chamchas. The period is called the period of emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi in association with her son Sanjay Gandhi.

5. We all remember 2002 Gujarat riots but hardly anyone knows about the Malyana, Meerut riots during the rein of Indira Gandhi where she gave free hand to PAC to kill muslims. Few were burnt alive, few were thrown in the canal and many were shoot without any fault of theirs.

If that wasn’t shameful enough, when her son Rajiv Gandhi became PM he did same during Hashimpura riots. Sikh riots of 1984 was another shameful incidence in the history of Bharat. When we try to play with fire then fire is bound to backfire. Indira Gandhi did what pakistan is doing now, she created terrorists to fight against her enemies, who later on gone out of her control. Her one mistake created a problem that would never have been there, Khalistanis.

6. The party which cries for the equal rights of every community left the women of second majority of this nation in complete despair with Shah Bano case. The court pass it’s verdict in favour of Shah Bano in tripal Talaq case but our ‘secular’ PM Rajiv Gandhi decided to pass bill against this verdict in parliament. The more shameful about this case is the fact that one prominent muslim leader, Arif Mohammad Khan, of congress opposed Rajiv Gandhi but Rajiv Gandhi was too determined to please the mullahs and Arif Mohammad Khan had to left the congress party.

7. Dynasty is shame on any democracy and it becomes even more shameful when highly qualified though accidental PM becomes puppet of one family. I still remember how prince of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, Rahul Gandhi, tore apart the ordinance passed by the then PM Dr. Manmohan Singh. Who was he to insult the PM of our democracy? Wasn’t it shameful for the entire nation?

There were lot many other shameful incidences in politics of Bharat but I have mentioned only those committed by the national party of this nation. These incidences have left the scars on our history which might or might not be removed or healed.



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