Happy Indian New Year : To understand India, just let it absorb you

I just cannot control myself when I notice rare events around me. A little data analyst in my brain auto starts to question why is this happening.

Last Sunday, an English lady was reading “The last Mughal” next to my seat while going from Delhi to Bangalore. The moment our eyes crossed and smiles were passed, I threw my questions to her. She was amazed that how just few questions helped me to predict a lot about her. (Miya Mitthu ban rahe hai ….. )

Today while doing a little walk around the corner, I saw people making massive purchase of fruits, ok, navratri is on the way, but I also saw people buying mango and neem leaves.

We all have been taught that historically India was not a union, it was invaded by Aryas who cornered Dravids, then it was unified by Britishers to come into a shape of a country.

So according to this great theory, it doesn’t make sense that neem and mango, which are sold in north during gudi-padwa are also being sold for Ugadi in South?

I could not wait anymore and thought to create a rare event….. A North Indian (supposedly Arya) went to a South Indian (supposedly Dravid) and asked straight forward, ” Sir why these Neem and Mango leaves”. Here is the word to word response:

“See its a long story, but cutting it short, tomorrow is new year, and on the first day we must dwell to the fact that life will bring good and bad experiences, so with sweets we also have Neem juice……. Mango leaves will be hung on the gate, these are fresh new leaves of Mango after autumn, they are auspicious and remind us that good happens after bad. It gives pleasure to eyes and freshness to mind, which is very much required on the first day of new year.”

This experience made my day…..
India is not easy to understand if you go by books and paid historians.
But, India is your home, your mother, if you just let it absorb you.

Happy Indian New Year

– Abhishek Sachan



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