Risk all!!.. As simple as that…


Pleasure is momentary, bliss is eternal.

To live in pleasure is to waste one’s life. It comes and goes. You don’t gain anything out of it, at the most it keeps you occupied. It kills time, but that is stupid because time is the most precious thing. It is not to be killed, it has to be used  —  once gone it is gone forever.

Very few people use it rightly. Those who use it rightly become Buddhas, and those who go on killing it in unnecessary occupations live as fools and die as fools. And the world is full of fools.

A man has lived rightly only if he has something which death cannot snatch away. Then he has lived truly, he has loved truly. He has attained a soul.

Many people are just hollow, there is nothing inside them. They somehow manage to go on dragging themselves up to their grave. But their whole life is a tale told by an idiot, full of fury and noise, signifying nothing.

Create something significant, create some meaning in your life.

Create some beauty, some love  — something that is not of time, that belongs to eternity. That is bliss.

It is possible, it has been attained by a few people but to achieve it is everybody’s birthright. If we miss, we miss because of our own irresponsibility.

Be responsible. And when I say to be responsible I don’t mean be responsible to somebody else. Be responsible to your own being.

You have to create a soul, you have to become integrated. Unless that happens don’t leave any stones unturned.

Make every possible effort, make every sacrifice needed. Risk all!

But if you can gain your soul then you have used the great opportunity of life. Then great gratitude arises because only then does one know how much god has given to us of which we were unaware, how much which we never discovered has been waiting for us inside our own being.

Being here with me means moving into a new world of exploration, the inner world. It is the greatest adventure of life.

Abridged From:

Fingers Pointing to the Moon
(A Darshan Diary)

Talks given from 1/3/80 to 31/3/80




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