Indore No 1 : Most Cleanest city of India

Few months ago I had written about how the Indore municipal corporation is striving hard to Make Indore one of cleanest cities of India and How Swacch Bharat initiative has been taken so seriously by the Indore Municipal Corporation.

So, when Indore is now officially declared as the Most Cleanest city of India, some would say I should not be surprised. On the contrary, i accept this judgement with mixed feelings because ;

One, This is an achievement of only INDORE MUNICIPAL CORPRORATION workers, its Executives, Supervisors and Parshads and not the people of Indore. Because, this has happened without their contribution, as they continued to spit, throw waste, throw polythene wrappers of gutkas, throw soft drink bottles etc wherever they liked despite seeing the Municipal workers toiling hard and placing huge display Boards seeking help from the people to show some discipline.

Two, That this achievement has come despite the support of the people also indicates that probably our standards of CLEANLINESS are pretty low.

It is probably a case of ANDHON ME KANA RAJA.

Notwithstanding the Above, I am delighted on many counts ;

One, The Govt has shown its resolve in making BHARAT SWACHH.

Two, this is a good beginning and people all over the country are now discussing about it. Yesterday when I saw thousands of Indore Municipal corporation employees who toiled hard for months enjoying and jubilated, and Indoreans congratulating each other, i felt the future of this campaign is bright. Finally, Bapu’s dream will come true.

Three, I do not mean that the Govt started this initiative based on my suggestion of an Inter city competition , but the day PM had launched his SWACCH BHARAT CAMPAIGN i had written to him on his web site requesting him to start Inter city competition as this sense of competition would gradually involve the people.

Four, Initially it may seem to be system driven as it has happened in Indore and other places but my experience says that soon it will become PEOPLE DRIVEN. The sense of Pride will make them disciplined.

Five, I will not be surprised when, All those who did not take part in this ranking system process would find themselves isolated and rejected by their own people.

– Col Neerav Bhatnagar



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