Mantra which if Chanted is said to make Hanuman appear before a Bhakt

There is a fact about a mantra which if Chanted is said to make Hanuman appear before a Bhakt -” कालतंतु कारेचरन्ति एनर मरिष्णु, निर्मुक्तेर कालेत्वम अमरिष्णु ”

There are only two conditions when this mantra works

1. There should be Relationship of Bhakt’s soul with hanuman

2. There should be no Human Being within the 980 meters who does not meet the condition on from the place where this mantra is chanted, which means, either there should be no other human being within the range of 980 meters or if there are human beings in this range, they should all meet condition number one.

After Lord Rama ended his human life, Lord Hanuman came back from Ayodhya and started living in jungles. In memory of Lord Ram he spent many days in the Jungles of Lanka.

At that time some jungle Dwellers served him. As he was pleased with the service and dedication, while returning back he gave this mantra to those dwellers and told them that whenever they wants to see Hanuman, just chant this Mantra. He will come with the speed of light to meet them.

The tribal chief asked that they know their soul’s relationship with you but what about their children. They will not know their soul’s relationship with you. Therefore this Mantra shall not work for them.

Lord Hanuman apparently said that he promises them that he will come to stay with their community every 41 years and give the Atman Gnan to their future generations too. Till the end of time their community will be able to chant this Mantra and see me anytime.

In 2014 some explorers noticed unusual activities in the in the jungle village of Sri Lanka. That unusual activities was part of Charan Pooja which happens in every 41 years when Hanuman comes to visit them.

Lord Hanuman was with them in 2014 and departed from them on 27th May 2014 after giving Atman Gnan to new members of their community. Now He will come again after 41 years i.e. in 2055.

– Courtesy Hindus Worldwide Network



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