Brainwashing young impressionable minds

I have had the occasion of taking a look at a social science school textbook for class 8th students issued by NCERT. The relevant chapter about the freedom struggle, would you believe, in this age and time, is teaching the same lopsided history that was taught to us. No one seems to have taken note of facts as they have emerged in the recent years. Shouldn’t National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) be doing research rather than taking forward a fantasy interpretation of history?

The textbook says while Indian National Army’s campaign “failed”, but people across the country participated against the INA trials. There is no further light what this public reaction led to — because telling the children the truth will go against the official line.

The official line has been given where Gandhiji has been discussed. Please read what they are talking about the Quit India movement, especially the ending that it “ultimately brought the Raj to its knees”. This isn’t true. The Quit India movement, even in the words of someone like Khushwant Singh the (late author-journalist), was “crushed within three weeks” of its start in 1942. Whereas India became free in 1947. The freedom had to do with what unfolded in India following the INA trials in 1945-46, leading to mutinies in the armed forces and violence. Why don’t they give the students the complete picture? Why commit the sin of taking away from Netaji what is due to him?
I can understand that children at such young age cannot be made to go through all sorts of details, but in the name of God do not peddle fiction inspired by political considerations!

I also note that the textbook refers to Gandhi as “Mahatma Gandhi” and Bose as “Subhas Chandra Bose”. Why have they dropped the honorific “Netaji”?

– Anuj Dhar (Mission Netaji)



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