It is easy to rule the world, the real problem is how to rule oneself

It is easy to rule the world, it is easy to rule others. The real problem is how to rule oneself.

Others can be ruled through violence. Even a stupid, a very stupid person can do that. These people — Genghis Khan, Tamerlane and Nadir Shah, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin — are not very intelligent people.

They are stupid people, the most stupid one can find in the whole of history. They could rule others because they were so stupid and insensitive that they could destroy easily, they could be violent and murderous very easily.

But violence is not needed to rule oneself. Great love is needed, great intelligence is needed, understanding is needed, awareness is needed — that’s why it is difficult.

History is full of great kings and rulers, but history is not so full of great Buddhas, the awakened ones.

The awakened ones can be counted on your fingers, for the simple reason that they moved in a direction where a radical transformation is needed: from unconsciousness to consciousness.

And that’s the whole effort of sannyas: your unconsciousness has to be transformed into consciousness. When not a bit of unconsciousness remains inside, when you are full of light, you have become a master, a real master.

Atmo means the Self, the Self with a capital ‘S’ — not a lower case ‘s’ because the lower case ‘s’ means the ego. With a capital ‘S’ I mean the supreme Self. It is another name of the god within you. And ‘Dieter’ means a king, a ruler.

The moment you know your supreme Self you become an emperor.

Before that one remains a beggar. Self-knowledge makes you aware of your kingdom for the first time. The kingdom is not of the outside.

All outside kingdoms are false, they are sandcastles, or houses made of playing cards: at any moment they can disappear. Just a little breeze is enough to destroy them.

But there is another kingdom too, the kingdom of the within — and that is the true kingdom, the true treasure. To know it is to possess it.

The very knowing is its possession. It is ours, we have just forgotten about it. It is not lost, simply forgotten; hence religion is basically nothing but a remembrance.

Meditation, prayer and all other techniques are just helpers to remember who you are.

Abridged From:

Fingers Pointing to the Moon
(A Darshan Diary)

Talks given from 1/3/80 to 31/3/80



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