Combination of Love and Meditation like bird have both feathers

I have spent many years in searching love, happiness, eternal,…  At last what I’m finding is that Love is the only fulfilling and balanced state of our life. I have practiced the ways of many meditations separately.

Ways of Bhakti Marg separately and in combination of both. And the way I found best for me is combination of both.

The way of only meditation is desert. No flowers spread any fragrance. That way is so difficult one.

The way of Bhakti /Love is sweet though that alone does not move further. That stops very often. It is like bird has only one feather.
And the combination is like bird have both feathers.

And many misconceptions get evaporated on the way. As generally thought and I used to think that Love is eternal, once it is there, it is forever. I did not find so. Love is momentry. At one moment love is there and at another moment it is even difficult to believe, whether that moment was real. Love happens in a moment. It is not forever.

It is like a real flower, for a day flower spreads its fragrance and dies.
And if one move in a path of Bhakti /Love. There are moments of deep sadness, moments of severe depression. Infact the severe the depression and sadness the deeper the moments of love. That is why in those moments of sadness and depression Meditation works. Meditation detaches from all, it is way of witnessing. So one remains unaffected of sadness.

And what I found is after the deepest moments of love one feels deep sadness, may it is way of reaching equilibrium to a balance.
And both love and meditation are half circle. Full circle is only when love and meditation goes side by side.

Prem Ra Soonya ..This name is symbol to that state. Prem (Love ) and Soonya ( Thoughtless ) is a full circle. Without Love life is desert. Life has no meaning without love. Without love life seems a boredom, it is as infertile women, like a plastic flower. And without meditation man is blind. One is full of treasures but one has no eyes, so is robbed by everyone, waste the treasures.

– Prem Ra Soonya



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