Swami Nikhileshwaranand Maharaj (Dr.Narayan Dutt Shrimali )

The disciples were all sitting near the place of Sankaracharya on a place of shore. In the discussion, Shrimaliji said , “ the place where we are sitting is apparently full of nature, but even here various cultures and civilizations have come and gone. There is no place on earth where evil has not spread. “

Shrimaliji explained about Sankaracharya saying “ When Sankaracharya came here, the entire earth, there was not a place, where he could keep his toe, which is pure and where blood shed has not taken place. Many cultures came, prospered, faught, and got extinct. There blood has flowed all over the earth. In other words, there is not even single place on earth which is without impurities where one could sit and complete his Saadhana. This is why Bhagavat Pad Sankaracharya choosed ‘Shoonya Asan ‘ to complete his Saadhana . “

One of the disciples asked Shrimaliji , “ Are there certain Saadhanas, which could not be completed while sitting on earth ?”

Shrimaliji replied , “ There are certain pure and pious Saadhanas which cannot be performed on impure earth. These kind of Saadhanas can be performed only in the Siddhashram . But to those who have not yet reached Siddhashram, for them only one path remains, that is to spread their asan in the Shoonya and complete their Saadhana “

One of the disciples asked , “ You said the word ‘Shoonya asan ‘ but is it a special Saadhana? “

Shrimaliji said , “ This is pure Satvik yog bal, and by organizing the body accordingly this process can be successfully accomplished”. Shrimaliji explained the complete science of it and even more demonstrated it to his disciples.

By the help of Pranayama Shrimaliji started levitating above the stone. He rose about 5 feet above the ground and opened his eyes. He said “ now I can sit in this asan and do any sadhana”.
The disciples could see that Shrimaliji was speaking in absolutely normal way. He never had to put any effort in being still over there. He was quite at ease. He spent about 10 minutes in the Shoonya. It seemed as if he was seated in a mat well supported below him.

Shrimaliji said ” This is Shoonya asan and this is best form of Asan for Yogis. In this asana, Sadhana concerned to many high ordered can be performed.”

After this he taught this technique to his disciples.

– Courtesy Indrajeeth Kkr



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