Cow Slaughtering : Congress’s strategic investment for post 2024 era, Ostriches we are!

By slaughtering a cow today on LIVE tv Congress has invested in future… cemented their future Vote bank. Knowing the population trend, current political discourse, failing to catch Modi in ‘developmental’ politics, they have done a strategic investment for post 2024 era.

You may ask.. How? By 2030, Muslim population will break out in many states, will cross the threshold level and they alone will be able to assure political win for a pro Islam party in elections.

Congress is eyeing that. Slaughtering a cow on LIVE TV is very much conscious call taken by Congress leadership, as India is bound to become a Islamic state in the absence of population control policy, and shrewd Congress is aware of this fact.

It is rather funny that ‘rashtrawadis’ taking pledge on facebook after this incident that “I will not vote for Congress in future”, as if they are looking at you… They have a families of Abduls, his 4 wives and his 180 children already lined up to do the honors…

Your small tiny family of “Hum Do, humare Ek” is meaningless. Numbers! Take a chill pill, try and create an atmosphere, ignite an honest debate over demographic distortion, create noise, so that PM can come come up with population control law. Rest all is gas and time pass outrage.

Hindus have a myopic vision… most of them are super happy that Congress did political suicide (by slaughtering cow on LIVE TV) for 2019 election… but can’t see the monster coming, in making. How a current Congress did right investment to be potential Muslim League of future! Alright, you may win 2019, may be 2024 as well. That’s it. Game over! No Hindu leader gonna make it to the top post 2029. Period.

The rapid increase and geometric progression in the M breed is on the card…. But Hindus are living in denial..

In a long History of a Nation, civilisation… 10-15 years are nil. These 10-15 years of Modi will not be there to stay forever. FYI Vijayanagaram empire was there for close to 300 years, before sullas betrayed.. and eventually all vanished. When will Hindus start discussing real issues… honest debate over Population control policy? Ostriches we are!



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Pranjal Bajpai
Architect at Philips India Former Architect at Bose International Planning and Architecture Former Internship at ARCOP Associates Pvt Ltd Lives in New Delhi, India

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