Where are we losing our cherished values?

Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.

Open-air cow slaughter by bona fide thoroughbred Congressmen in the state of Keralam did not shock me too much. In view of the Congress founder British-Gora AO Hume being a beef-eater, first PM Nehru being a confirmed beef-eater… down the line to the ‘Roman Empire’ headquartered at 10, Janpath, it has been all quite natural to them. If somebody tells me Congressmen led by their ‘Leadership’ have turned cannibalistic now to beat the acute depression for being out of power, I won’t be surprised indeed.

It is not for nothing that Swami Vivekananda declared the state of Keralam a Lunatic-Asylum more that hundred years ago. Lunacy-Quotient of the State is still high, rather aggravated by those Red & Green traitors and it appears a long struggle ahead before even a semblance of sanity prevails in the state.

I am shocked by the open defiance of a law, framed / enacted by the Central Govt., openly and brazenly, that too led by a Vatican favourite ex-Defence Minister and supported by Communist Govt. of the State. Open defiance of law, that too, by people in power, is a grave development, amounts to treason, must be crushed with a heavy hand ruthlessly.

Mamata Bannerjee refuses to attend meetings called by the Centre and goes scot-free abusing Centre all around. What sort of Federalism is this Mr. Prime Minister ? Why is that being tolerated ? Are these traitors above law ? Above the nation ? Incidence / frequency of such absurdities is gradually rising by every sun-rise betraying their deep despondence and frustration. It is a very bad omen and the impression that Modi Government is flaccid, is gaining currency all around and that must be curbed immediately.

Judiciary has gone on summer vacation, plutocratic lawyers cooling their heels in salubrious climes abroad balancing their blood-pressures / heart-beats while Desi litigants eagerly looking forward to courts opening their shutters. Will those Black-‘Nightie’ clad ‘Laat-Sahebs’ of Higher Judiciary reporting to Buckingham Palace allow any other wing of Government proceeding on summer vacation owing to heavy volume of work ? Why can’t salaries of all Justices be deducted for the period of summer vacation ruthlessly without prior intimation to them ? As a matter of fact, all their arguments in favour of summer vacation are downright puerile and I would laugh to my heart’s content if they demand ‘Rainy Days’ during monsoon like small school-kids !!! So much about our Learned Judiciary !!!

As they have skillfully hoodwinked NJAC, Judiciary must be brought under the ambit of Consumer Protection Act for the simple reason, litigant pays hefty amount as court fee as Consumer-Buyer of Justice and 10% of all civil claims deposited in advance for the judicial service urgently required by him while Learned (?) Justices proceed on summer vacation or devote more Judicial Time to the height of Dahi-Handi in Maharashtra or Dance-Bars in Mumbai for the simple reason Higher Judiciary Daughters do not dance in those dance bars and Higher Judiciary Sons do not join Army to face bullets defending borders !!

And why judgements differ so widely, so sharply ? In case of Salman Khan’s Hit & Run case, Learned Justices of lower and higher courts had same laws, set of evidence and witnesses to contend with yet their ‘Venerable Lordships’ belonged to different schools of thought !!

If Gastroenteritis in the belly of a Justice is identified as Myocardial Infarction in a 5-Star hospital, it will certainly amount to Contempt of Court, Mr. Prime Minister and doctors shall be dis-robed / de-licenced, hospital sued for compensation !!!!!

If that be so, then why not Justices be sued under the Act for their shabby, reprehensible performance in so many cases ?? Courts are very shy of capping exorbitant fees charged by their Maharaja-Lawyers, do not take suo moto cognizance and allow litigants to languish and be duly pauperized. Situation is alarming and demands ‘Action At Once’, Mr. Prime Minister.

In the backdrop of heinous Manchester bombing, so recent and so fresh in all minds, you extended best wishes to a certain community on the eve of a certain so-called festival and declared that a ‘religion of peace’ in your latest edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ !!! Was that not a macabre gaffe of a horrible variety ? Something like a prominent hoarding at the entrance of a graveyard displaying the advertising blurb, “Come Alive With Reliance Jio” so conspicuously with Mukesh Ambani grinning ear to ear !!!! I am aghast and disgusted with this festival greeting. I wish, it had not happened.

Uzzma affair appeared to be ‘fishy’ if not altogether dubious. However, it could have been transformed into a boon if so many so dear, so sweet Pakistani-Betis that we have in our country viz. Barkha Dutt, Arundhati Roy, Aruna Roy, Kavita Krishnan….were repatriated to their original homeland of Pakistan in exchange of that damsel in distress.

Why should these wonderful, charming ladies continue to suffer in a Saffron Bharata and Govt. not seized with their agonies at all ? We lost an outstanding opportunity, Mr. Prime Minister. Sentimentalism displayed by the EA Minister was entirely uncalled for and the damsel in distress should not have been received / accorded so much attention by the Minister.

I am immensely pleased to behold, success rate of security forces rising everyday in Kashmir Valley. Permanent solution is hidden in complete destruction of Pakistan as Pakistan is a nuisance that can never rest in peace, never allow anyone to rest in peace. It is Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s DNA at the core of Pakistan that is the root-cause of entire crisis and that must be fossilized earliest possible.

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari



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