Biggest learning from Indian TV serials and cinema about religions

Miss Daisy to standard 10th students of a posh Indian school, “Students! What are your biggest learning from Indian TV serials and cinema about religions”?

Yes Saurabh Tiwari, you tell first, “Miss, TV and Cinemas never discuss about religion directly. But let me tell you that all saffron clad Babas are generally corrupt and fake while Pujaris are always Hawas ka pujari”, Saurabh said.

Good Saurabh ! Akanksha Khanna, its your turn, “Miss, Tilak or Teeka is the synonym of Gunda elements, generally sidekicks of villain wear Tilak on forehead and red thread on their hand”, Akanksha concluded.

Nice observation Akanksha, Vivaan Singh can you speak now. “Yes Miss Daisy, though Rahim Chachas always look unhygienic, but with God’s grace they are the most sorted out helpful people in the neighbourhood”,

Another kid Pupul Ghosh pitched in, “…. and white Topi clad Salman bhai are always the most talented character, who loves & sometimes dramatically die for the Nation!”

Daisy madam was evidently happy, asked Silky Goel to add her observation, Silky left her Dairy Silk in between and started, “Ma’am, my understanding about Indian cinema and faith is, Cross wearing John D’Souza Uncles and Maria aunties are always innocent, extremely rich and they generally distribute goodies among the likes of Ravi Paswan’s family who are under a loan from corrupt Marwari businessman Kanhaiya Lal Gupta Ji.”

Wow Silky… Sachin can you put your last thought”….. and miss to propose a girl, I should learn C-grade Urdu poetry.. and use alfaaz like ulfat, mohabbat, nazaakat and what not….” Sachin added in the end..

Miss Daisy : Lovely kids! Project ‘Intellectual Subversion’ is completed.. she murmurs…….. while checking her account balance…



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